Sunday, September 25, 2016 | RECENT NOTES

Fifty year computer: a small idea

What we accept as normal usually serves to determine where we look when we notice a problem, and what we look for. If we think about the material costs of digitalisation we tend to despair. Everything seems bound up with everything else. Let me suggest the fifty year computer as a thought experiment.


E-prime and Auo

For the last few weeks I have thought from time to time about today, when Auo should light up the house celebrating her fifteenth birthday. I have wondered how to “celebrate” it. I feel foolish buying her presents that she will never see, and I feel traitorous not giving her something. Eventually I decided to commit myself to writing everything in e-prime, for reasons that make sense to me (and Auo).


Thursday, September 22, 2016 | THERE WE WERE



Friday, March 19, 2004 | ESSAYS

Unifying the Curriculum in a Digital Playground

This paper outlines the second stage in the development of a long-term project at Arcada Polytechnic. Marinetta is an online multi-user 3D depicting the capital of the island Rosario at the south of the Mediterranean Sea. Marinetta is intended to provide a virtual community with a real sense of location, and to offer distance education in the college on the island.

This paper was co-authored with Camilla Lindeberg, who delivered it at the 2004 SIITE Conference in Atlanta.