Wednesday, June 29, 2016 | RECENT NOTES

Macedonia, what happened?

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest took place last Saturday, and finished with the kind of manufactured controversy that is so fashionable at the moment. However, the main controversy in our house concerned the inexplicable global decision to not vote for Macedonia in the semi-finals, thus depriving the final of its best histrionics in years.


2012 calls from the fifth dimension

Some conspiracy theories are dangerous. Some conspiracy theories are dull. Some are stupid. Some are meta. Some meta theories, as we shall see, are obviously more meta then others.

I have just come across this site which is a kind of all-inclusive conspiracy theory mash-up from 2011, which is still on the web with the date of The Ascension intact. The date is December 31, 2012, fact fans, and I, for one, don’t recall ascending. This section from one of its many pages (the conspiracy is vast and multi-dimensional and so is the site) stands as a candidate for the Quote of the Decade.

It involves The Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters, but you probably already guessed that.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016 | THERE WE WERE



Friday, March 19, 2004 | ESSAYS

Unifying the Curriculum in a Digital Playground

This paper outlines the second stage in the development of a long-term project at Arcada Polytechnic. Marinetta is an online multi-user 3D depicting the capital of the island Rosario at the south of the Mediterranean Sea. Marinetta is intended to provide a virtual community with a real sense of location, and to offer distance education in the college on the island.

This paper was co-authored with Camilla Lindeberg, who delivered it at the 2004 SIITE Conference in Atlanta.