Wednesday, May 04, 2016 | RECENT NOTES

2012 calls from the fifth dimension

Some conspiracy theories are dangerous. Some conspiracy theories are dull. Some are stupid. Some are meta. Some meta theories, as we shall see, are obviously more meta then others.

I have just come across this site which is a kind of all-inclusive conspiracy theory mash-up from 2011, which is still on the web with the date of The Ascension intact. The date is December 31, 2012, fact fans, and I, for one, don’t recall ascending. This section from one of its many pages (the conspiracy is vast and multi-dimensional and so is the site) stands as a candidate for the Quote of the Decade.

It involves The Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters, but you probably already guessed that.


PUPS done passed on

Last year, when I got my iPad Air 2, I finally developed a realistic workflow for posting here while on the move. Importantly for me, I found a way of doing this with my daily diary. The camera is good enough and I found a 10€ version of Photoshop called Photoshop Touch that had proper layers, proper tools including warping, and proper filters. The only problem with this was the fact that iOS will not allow you to export photos with anything except its own randomly generated file names. However, the scripts I have written for this site expect the diary photos to have file names in the form 2015-02-28.jpg or similar, so this wouldn’t do.

Then I found PUPS, a 1.99 app that uploaded photos to a Wordpress site while allowing you to rename the image just before it was sent.


Monday, May 2, 2016 | THERE WE WERE



Sunday, July 11, 2004 | ESSAYS

Ghost Towns & Virtual Worlds

This paper is a sketch of a problem that has arisen during the course of teaching multimedia to undergraduate students – a problem that has seemed to demand a philosophical approach. I will describe the problem and then indicate the ways we have been attempting to solve it. I am very aware that our approaches may, in many ways, be philosophically naïve, and I do not apologise for that.

It was delivered at the sixth annual conference of the Society for Phenomenology & Media, held in May 2004 at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.