Tuesday, November 27

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Vartiokyläntie, 22:22

I spent the morning supervising the Advanced Web Apps projects. Michaela sped ahead with her site. I have persuaded her that she would be better off making a static site and then wordpressizing it, than trying to customise an exiting theme. She finally believed me and today we got it going, and by 14:00 she had done 80% of it and understood what she had done. Mission accomplished.

After a lunch of crispbread and cottage cheese I turned to the doctoral Powerpoint presentation and worked on it until nine thirty. It is a long process and I will need to do it all again at the beginning of next year, because it now seems likely to form the major part of what I might start talking about as my installation. By the time I left for home I had completed the first of the three slide shows and mapped out the second.

To my horror, when I stepped out of Arcada half an hour ago, it was snowing hard. Now I am walking from the bus stop by Plantagen to home and it is still snowing, although only the metal surfaces of cars and railings are cold enough for it to settle.

Written: November 27, 2012 | Last edited: May 16, 2013