Thursday, November 14, 2019 | RECENT NOTES

Boris Johnson answers 12 questions

I looked at a Conservative Party campaign video called Twelve Questions, that they had uploaded to YouTube. At the time I watched it, 40,545 other people had also seen it.

At first glance the video looks like a parody, made to make Johnson look foolish. Or it looks like an out-take from a tv comedy show in which an actor makes fun of campaign videos, and politicians’ attempts to look like “normal people”.

Then I began to wonder, and I fell into a rabbit hole.


Somebody feels insulted about something

Whenever I visit India I find myself saving items from newspapers. I use these to help me to locate myself, and to remember the differences between cultures, and the ways in which these differences express themselves.

In October I saved an article from the New Indian Express, which we get delivered every morning. It concerns the disgraceful behaviour visited upon a dignitary; behaviour which took three days to recover from.


Friday, November 15, 2019 | THE TIME OF DAY


Thursday, February 01, 2007 | ESSAYS

The Memi: a tool for pedagogy

This page describes the outline of a thesis proposing the design of a new tool, that embodies visual knowledge building techniques as well as linear narrative, to facilitate learner-directed education in a digital age: an age in which the gaps between production and consumption are breaking down, as are the supposed gaps between education and entertainment.

This page is also, in effect, the permalink for the thesis.