Friday, August 12, 2022 | RECENT NOTES

Roy Hackett

Roy Hackett died on August 2 at the age of ninety three. A lifelong campaigner for civil rights, he led the Bristol bus boycott.

I have posted links to three articles that explain why everyone should understand what he achieved, why we should remember him and why we should celebrate his life. The third article includes an interview with him late in his life.



I found out about IndieWeb last week, while reading through the forum for Classicpress, which I now use for all my sites, including this one.

I need to find out more.


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Monday, May 16, 2011 | ESSAYS

Marinetta Ombro: a culture not a classroom

In 2002 Arcada began an experiment that aimed to develop a learning laboratory in the form of a virtual culture embodied in an online world. This essay examines how and why this was attempted; the opportunities that it offered; and the reasons why the experiment was ended.

The essay is a (slightly) revised version of a chapter included in Transforming Virtual World Learning, edited by Randy Hinrichs and Charles Wankel. The book was published in 2011 by Emerald: London.