Thursday, March 08, 2018 | RECENT NOTES

Blockchain vs Pokemon

I have noticed recently that the blockchain fad has begun to move out from cryptocurrencies to less obvious areas. I have not followed closely enough to understand whether this constitutes a loss of interest in bitcoin et al, or a widening of interesting that leaves bitcoin as popular as ever.

I first noticed this late last year when I discovered Decentraland had an auction of virtual land and I went to see what this meant exactly. Today I found Tokenized Games, a site that acts as a directory of “new blockchain games” and currently lists more than 150 games in various stages of development.

I shall watch and wait with interest.


Elon Musk: free wifi for everyone on Earth

Elon Musk has asked for official permission to launch 4,000 low-orbit satellites to provide free wifi for everyone on Earth. Richard Branson has pointed out that he has investments in a company that already has some of these rights. He suggests that “the logical thing would be for him to tie up with us”.

I point this out here for several reasons. Firstly, the same few billionaires have already started to sew up the remaining parts of the future that still have a future. Secondly, I want to look back at this and see what actually happens in the next five years.

Jet cars? No. Space phones? Yes. Richard Branson? Maybe not.


Wenesday, March 21, 2018 | THE TIME OF DAY


Wednesday, February 14, 2007 | ESSAYS

Analysing virtual learning environments

There is no clear standard for judging what constitutes a virtual learning environment. The term has been used to brand everything from a set of collaborative desktop tools to a fully immersive virtual world.

I suggest that the following eight questions will provide a useful starting point for analysing whatever presents itself to us as a virtual learning environment.