Hello world, indeed!

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POSTED: January 4, 2012

Six months ago I first experienced a major malware attack. I cleaned it up. Three months later I received a repeat performance. I attempted to clean it up.

This proved harder than the last time, and I ran out of room for manoeuvre. I had other, more immediately important things to do. So the site has languished.

Now it is (almost) back.

To get it to this stage I have moved the site from one server space to another and reinstalled Wordpress from scratch. This has raised the thorny problem: do I want to include all the old, unused navigation pages and tags, that I was planning to clean out anyway?

I have just spent almost five hours on an approach that started by importing the old database into the new installation and proceeded from there. I have now scrapped that one and I am starting with a clean slate. I am going to add the current information, and then add the archives as and when I get the time.

Ho hum, I say.

Update on February 15

The new look and feel was developed as a working example during a course I taught in the Autumn and Winter. It was created as a child theme, using Blueprint as a parent. The theme is built upon a solid grid, since grid-based design was part of the syllabus. It also uses embedded fonts.

I have now realised that because it is deliberately minimalistic the child-like nature of its existence causes more problems than it solves. I have now unplugged it from Blueprint and am developing it as a standalone.

For the next few weeks the theme will undergo a series of increasingly minor changes until I ma happy with it. I now have a set of core files which I am going to tidy up, so that they are clear and consistent, and I can use them as teaching examples next year. I am then going to play with the styling until it is exactly as I want it.

After that I will start adding the older content.

My intention is to build the site with no outward-facing plugins at all, and to code my own functions instead. So far this is working. The test will come when I add monthly galleries to the diary.