Banksy makes money

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POSTED: February 7, 2007

The BBC has reported that a “picture of pensioners bowling with bombs by graffiti artist Banksy has sold in London for £102,000, breaking a record for his work…The artist’s Balloon Girl also sold for £37,200, while another piece called Bomb Hugger fetched £31,200. But a rare signed artwork, Precision Bomber, failed to sell.”

Bombing Middle England

The piece, which you can see here is, as you might expect, called Bombing Middle England.

The mysterious artist’s web site is amusingly only one page with no links. Sometimes it is just a spraypainted Banksy. Within twenty four hours of the sale becoming public news the website had been changed to this:

A web page

Banksy walks an interesting tightrope. Or perhaps, more accurately, he walks a tightrope that may or may not be interesting, according to what you are or are not interested in.