Friday, March 30

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Sörnainen metro station, 7:55

I have noticed this before over the last two or three weeks. A young man or woman walks around the platform area of the metro station with a large urn labelled Coffee Boy strapped to their back. The outlet tube snakes round their body and fits onto a tray at the front. There you can buy a cup of coffee for 2e as well as a range of sandwiches and chocolate.

Is this a new craze, a local initiative or a Ponzi scheme? I have yet to find anything on the web about it, and I have seen nothing in the free daily newspaper.

Once I get to work I will redo the front cover of the DoEL conference ebook one last time and then pre-empt further changes by releasing it online and tweeting about it. Having said that the final change was not without merit, because in the end I did find a way of improving the quality of the Aalto logo by corcumventing the official process and using a screen-grab rather than the downloadable logo.

Later I will do more organising with Johnny via Skype, and give up on any ideas I had of advancing my doctorate this week. Ho hum.