Saturday, December 12

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Garden, 12:00


We slept late. In fact I slept so late that Naa had gone out by the time I got up. She and Roosa have gone by bus somewhere miles away to do something festive with their friends.

I went for a walk before breakfast that ended up with my returning homw with my trousers covered in mud. The weather had turned and the pavement was like glass. My shoes proved unsuitable for the purpose of keeping me upright.

I am in the garden looking at a huge spider sitting still on the door. Like yesterday’s birds this should not be here at this time of year.

In the afternoon we will go to Kamppi to deliver the provisions for the cat when he vacations in the city centre while we are away. On the way there we will see somewhere fall over on the slippery pavement.

We will stop at Prisma on the way back and then spend a quiet evening doing not very much before goingto bed early. Early, and sore in the thigh area, in my case.