Palindromic haikus

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POSTED: December 15, 2015

Last night I woke up from a series of dreams, one of which involved watching Bob Dylan buying a harmonica. On two separate occasions I woke up with palindromic haikus in my head, although they weren’t mine.

On the first occasion I was sitting with a group of people in a room after a demonstration. The police raided us, and handed out burgers “to break up the tension”. One man then engaged me in a conversation that seemed deliberately designed to make everyone else think I was an informer or that, at the very least, we were talked in a pre-arranged code. I explained at length that the code could be taken in at least three ways only one of which indicated that I was an informer while the other two should lead us to believe that he was trying to make us paranoid.

He explained that I would have to be paranoid to think that he was trying to make the group paranoid. His female colleague then spoke for the first time. She said, “Perhaps I can sort all this out with a palindromic haiku”, and proceeded to recite one.

When I woke up I could remember it. I almost got up to write it down but didn’t because I thought that would mean I wouldn’t go back to sleep again. Now I can’t remember it. I know it started I saw Spot. Did I?

The second one occurred in another dream and featured the line Yo Brett! (an Aga natter boy).

I suppose we could put these together into one remixed haiku:

I saw Spot, did I?
Yo Brett! (an Aga natter boy).
I did! Tops was I!

And now back to our scheduled programme.