Sunday, December 20

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Kovalam, 11:30


This is what I can see from the balcony when I wake up late in the morning.

I will stay in the house while the others go to Divine Supermarket for food. Later Naa will stay in the house while we return to Divine Supermarket for more food.

When we get back Naa and I will go for a walk.

Once we have started it will be difficult to know where and when to stop. Neither of us want to return the way we have come so we will try to complete a loop. This will take us on a long walk up and down very steep hills and through a lot of little villages until we eventually come to the main highway and realise where we are.

Naa will stop the small road off the highway that leads up to the house, saving us about 5 kilometres, and we will walk up it.

When we get back both of us will have very sore calves.