Tuesday, December 22

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Outside MBC, Trivandrum, 13:00


Yesterday evening Irma phoned Uday who arranged a driver for us, so at 11:30 we left for Trivandrum.

Bruno jumped straight into the car and settled down on the back seat. It took five minutes to get him out, and he then ran alongside the car all the way to the main highway, which was several kilometres.

We started in Trivandrum at the Modern Book Centre. Naa and I are standing outside now with our purchases waiting to get back into the car. Naa has a book on Journalism Studies, as background reading for her university interviews, and I have a book about the Golden Section.

Next we will go to Fabindia where we will buy a curtain for one of the doors in Helsinki, and a few other things. Finally we will go to Big Bazaar.

We will spend a long time here buying supplies for our time here: from Corn Flakes to biscuits. Naa will notice that some of the Corn Flake boxes have a free bowl with them and that will decide this holiday’s flavour: honey. At the checkout I will get what appear to be the last two free bowls in the shop, from the man whose job is to give out the free gifts.