Sunday, December 27

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Leo Restaurant, 14:00


I woke up feeling very groggy. Irma did too. She skipped breakfast and Naa and I had toast.

Naa and I had massages booked for today but I cancelled mine as I had a throbbing headache and I vomited. I agreed to go with Naa though.

We take Ani’s rickshaw to the beach and walked along the back alleys to Uday’s shop, keeping in the shade as much as possible.

Now I am sitting in Leo with a lemon soda and a litre of cold water. I am looking out at the beach where there is much more tourist-action than last week.

We will be home by 15:30 and I will go to bed with a diagnosis of sunstroke. I will have diarrhea every five minutes and vomit every now and then for the rest of the day and night.

At 3:40 I will finally fall into an uninterupted sleep that will last until 5:50, after which I will start to feel better.