Thursday, December 31

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India Coffee House, Trivandrum, 16:00


I woke at 6:45, got up, and finished proofreading the typescript of Community, Art & the State, exactly on time. I now know what I should suggest for the possible event in Sheffield next June. Have reread my arguments from thirty years ago I now know how to approach the digital world. This I will begin tomorrow.

Sreni came at 10:00 again and we set off for Trivandrum. He had the same usb stick in the sound system for for the second day in a row I had the unlikely pleasure of being driven through Kerala listening to the collected works of Savuka. There was a live version of Asimbonanga that I could not remember hearing before.

It turned out that the Ashok Banker books may now only be available as ebooks. Oh well.

Now we are at the India Coffee House, which is a cylindrical building at the edge of the main bus station. To describe it as unprepossessing from the outside would be an understatement. It looks like a delapidated public toilet in a bomb-site.

Inside it is amazing. The floor is a spiral that climbs up. Stone tables are set in this every couple of metres. The tables are served by white-suited waiters in turbans. We have home-made lemon ginger and fried bananas.

In the evening we will get a rickshaw to Hawah beach and walk down to Leo. I will have a whole butterfish, which (at my insistence) will be at least mildly spicy.

Leo will be almost full with almost every table occupied by holidaying Indians, some local and some obviously from Mumbai.

We will spend a happy evening watching the new and very young tandoori chef nervously learning his trade.