Sunday, January 3

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Kovalam Junction, 13:30


Every day, with only a few exceptions, I have got up early to do some writing. This morning I woke late and was not set up to write till about 8:20. A few minutes later a surprise power cut started, and all net connection was lost.

All air-conditioning was lost too, so it was not long before the others arrived downstairs too.

Bruno was not outside in the morning and did not appear. The teenage boys did, and announced that one of the budgerigars was dead. A bit later we found a dead gecko in our rubbish bin.

Now it is 13:30, the power is back, and we are on our way to the beach.

I am sitting in Ani’s rickshaw at Kovalam Junction in the boiling heat. I am wondering whether I inside the rickshaw with the engine still hot behind me or outside the rickshaw with the sun beating down. 

I opt to stay where I am while goods are purchased from a shop labeled Druggist, which Naa finds hilarious.

In a few moments we will be heading to Hawah Beach so that I can have a massage from Hari.

Before I do that I will drink a lemon soda while Naa has her neck and back treated.

When we get home there will still be no sight or sound of Bruno. We will eat pasta salad with fried eggs and fresh vegetables. Immediately afterwards we will hear a sharp whine from the road, and open the door for a very excited dog who will insist on playing with everyone before eventually settling down.

We will all be sleepy from being in the sun and so we will go to bed early.