Monday, April 2

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Vartiökyläntie, 7:55

As we went to bed yesterday it started snowing. It has apparently been snowing all night, and it is still snowing. Aurora is reluctant to get out of bed and even more reluctant to leave the house.

I will get to work and catch up with a lot of sudden administration. I will deal with the inevitable request for a diagram in the DoEL e-book to be altered, and fail once again to get anything done on the thesis and the accompanying website. I will deal with this by planning not to do anything today but instead to devote tomorrow from 14:00 to this.

At 10:00 I will listen to student feedback, and at 15:00 I will visit Juho at Auo’s school to discuss Snowcastle Valley. The feedback will lack any sense of vision, but will successfully leave me under-prepared for Juho.