Saturday, January 9

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The garden, 12:30


Everyone slept very late this morning as we adjusted to the new time zone and the massive drop in temperature. I got up just before midday.

Now I am in the garden where it is snowing gently but continuously. Everything is white or grey, and the colours are muted. I am putting suitcases back in the shed and I am freezing. My cough is still with me and taking a turn for the active.

This is not actually the first snow of winter, but it is the first real snow we have experienced. There was only a slight flurry of snow that scarcely covered the ground before we left for India.

I am wondering whether to dig a path to the compost or not. I decide to think about it again tomorrow when I am acclimatised.

After we get the car back and clean the floors we will go to Kamppi to collect Sunshine. He will turn out to have escaped onto the balcony one evening but jumped back through the window the next morning.

We will stop at Prisma for some shopping, go home to cook, decide not to open a bottle of wine, have a cup of tea, and go to bed.

I will be in bed by 21:45 and asleep seconds later.