Sunday, January 10

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | |

Auo’s room, 13:30


I spent thirteen hours in bed and slept for nearly all of them. I woke a few times coughing but only a few.

Outside the weather is white and large flakes of snow are falling slowly. The others have gone visiting and I am at home to avoid starting a one-man flu epidemic. The cat is watching me from a distance.

I am in Auo’s room looking out at the house behind us. It looks very muted in the white and grey. I have a strange feeling as though the joke has gone on long enough and is rapidly wraring thin. Can we stop this “Auo is dead” nonsense now so she can come home please?

I am not deluded and I don’t expect her to come home. I do, however, catch myself thinking that she just might.

Sunshine will insist on going out, then insist on coming right back in and then finally insist on going out. It will manage about forty five minutes before giving up for the day.

The others will arrive home and Naa will find an apartment she wants to look at. We will all prepare for tomorrow and go to bed rarly again.

Naa starts work at 5:30. Fortunately I don’t.