Tuesday, January 12

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Arcada, 11:00


This morning when I got up I was delighted to find that there had been about 15cm of snow overnight, and it was still snowing. I walked out of the front door with the snow almost up to my knees.

Jutta was ill with flu and so I skyped her. I then spent most of the morning planning with Fred and Tomas and preparing some work for Nobanet.

Outside Arcada I can see the snow falling heavily. The whole scene is in monochrome except for the trams and buses. The snow will continue for the whole day and in the afternoon the road will become one continuous traffic jam, with cars trying to turn back and only successfully adding to the jam.

I will have lunch downstairs because I need to have a lunchtime meeting with some students, and I will spend the afternoon writing and answering emails.

At 16:30 I will go to Pixelache for a members’ meeting.