Thursday, January 14

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Arabia, 8:40


I am on my way to Arcada. The temperature has dropped again. It has been snowing again in the night and the bushes in front of the Arabia shopping mall are looking rather like an old illustration. They have unrealistically smooth little balls of snow all over them.

For the moment, despite the cold, they look delightful.

I will spend much of the day in meetings with Tomas, planning the MA Innovation course which starts this evening. We will get it completely sorted out, so that we each know what the other will be doing. During the course of this I will deal with some BA students, have an email conversation with Camie, and rewrite the paper I wrote after talking with Jake. I will include everything we discussed and send a revised copy to him.

At 16:00 we will start the MA course and it will all go well. In one of the breaks I will read a mail from Jake approving the revisions and additions. We are, it seems, all systems go.

The teaching will end about 21:15 and it will have been an exhilirating rather than a draining experience. I will leave looking forward to tomorrow.

I will be home shortly after 22:00, have a brief chat, and go to sleep.