Friday, January 22

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No 71 bus, 8:20


I made the bus again which was good because it was colder than ever this morning. I missed a metro because there was a bumbler overtaking people on the escalator: overtaking them at approximately the same speed they were moving while staring at a phone. I am building up a healthy dislike of people who believe the fact that they own a phone is a sufficient reason to block doors, walk at the speed of a snail, stop and turn with no regard for what else is happening, and then look up angrily when they bump into you.

There is some sort of traffic jam at the junction after Sörnäinen and the tram I have just missed is stuck. I make up for this by running for a bus, which then also gets stuck in the jam. The inside of the bus is shiny and warm and outside it is freezing, so I am happy to be here even if here is not moving much at the moment.

In the end the bus will race past the tram and make it to Arabia five minutes before the tram becomes visible. I will be at Arcada’s doors before I glimpse it.

I will spend all morning with Tomas and Liisa and two outside guests listening to the students’ final presentations for the Innovations course. By “all morning” I mean from 9:15 until 12:50. The presentations will be mostly excellent, although some groups will have left out much of the content in order to make the presentation entertaining and interesting.

Afterwards Liisa and I will have a lunchtime meeting about Two Fisted Tales, and then I will start writing instructions for students and background material for upcoming sessions.

I will write a short paper about Two Fisted Tales, and post it to a one-woman focus group for cooments. Before any reply arrives the internet at Arcada will collapse. There will go my weekly back-ups.

Finally, on the way home, more bumblers will combine their efforts and ensure I miss a metro and wait an unusual eight minutes for the next one.

Bumblers 2 – Owen 0.