Monday, January 25

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E254, Arcada, 14:45


Naa had gone before I got up and Sunshine was going wild, dragging carpets all over the house to indicate its desire for breakfast. I left into the suddenly mild morning air and noticed that the snowplough had been round. However, since I had carefully cleared snow from the road as well as our yard yesterday, it had failed to block our drive in the customary manner.

At 9:00 I planned the interactive storytelling course with Jutta. At 10:00 I attended a focus group to look at the results of a staff survey that was carried out just before Christmas. At 11:00 I cleared my inbox. At 11:30 I wrote a list of names and sent them to Jake.

Then it was lunchtime and I realised that I was supposed to be eating at Prakticum as part of the programme of working lunches. I went over with Affe and joined Fred, Monica and Nathalie. We realised Maria wasn’t there and so I went back to get her. She had failed to realise she was supposed to be there but raced over for spinach soup, lax, and blueberry soup.

Now I am in the team meeting where the issue of the day is the urgent need for us to define ourselves in a gripping and powerful way so that we are seen, both externally and internally, as a vital component of the cultural landscape. I am looking at some coat hangers wondering how importantly they see themselves in the life of Arcada. However they view themselves they seem quite relaxed about it.

After this I will have a planning meeting and then tell Fred about The Annual Report, the final part of Nordic Narratives, because this ties directly into the subject of today’s team meeting.

Then I will plan the one-off session I am doing for Liisa’s course tomorrow afternoon. Then I will take defensive actions for tomorrow’s final CMS sessions, where everyone will have entirely different brain-aching problems. I will go over the framework we are using, and the mails they have sent me, and try to guess what the problems will be and how I will approach them.

Finally I will have dealings with HostMonster, and leave for home.