Saturday, February 6

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Marimekko Outlet, 16:00


Today I got up and went for a walk, and was able to walk briskly through the woods, along to the end of Riskutie, down to Vartiokyläntie, and then left back home, in less than thirty minutes. It was neither cold nor slippery.

Naa is at home with Sunshine and we are out driving, looking for some presents we will give soon. We are in Herttoniemi at the Marimekko outlet. I am looking at these flimsy baskety things wondering what they are for.

I will not find out.

I like Marimekko because it is so Finnish in a particular way. It is part of a finnishness that will someday be smoothed away, I suspect, just as the particular qualities of Stockmann are being smoothed away month by month.

Later we will go to Itis to the new smoother Stockmann and also to Antilla, Indiska, and more. We will not find what we originally set out for.

In the evening Naa will go to a friend in Arabianranta, and then to the centre, and spend the night in Kamppi.

We will make food, which will be a huge salad we will eat with a glass of chardonnay.