Monday, February 8

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Outside the house, 16:00


I spent the whole morning in a Nobanet team meeting which, I confess, I was not pareticularly looking forward to, as they often move at a gentle meandering pace, leaving me thinking of all the other things I could and should be doing. This morning was interesting in several ways. Firstly we defined a future for Nobanet that revolves around e-business, and might well result in Christa, Mikke and I working together. Secondly, Mikke explained at one point how he is getting his students to teach each other, and this fits exactly into my current thinking. We arranged to meet and talk about this sometime soon.

I spent most of the afternoon in a team meeting in which we discussed radically increasing the number of students we take in without increasing the staff.

Now I am almost home. I am outside the house where snow has been falling all day. This is what I could see at exactly this time yesterday. Now I can see nothing but white and grey. The white is the snow and the grey is the slush that is being formed everytime someone steps on it.

Soon I will say hello to Sunshine and let him out into the slush. I will take the compost and get my feet soaking wet. The paths in the garden are like canals with a crispy snow topping.

I will continue planning the details of the MA course that begins on Thursday. I have decided to make it as topical as possible and I am trying to tie together news stories into a narrative that will address the subject of the course.