Friday, February 12

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Arabia mall, 15:00


I spent the morning working on the course plans for next week, and then I had a meeting with Tomas to finalise the grades for the MA course we did. (I was aware that we had already had a meeting to finalise them. This meeting was apparently to finalise our finalising.)

In the afternoon I had a skype meeting and then carried on planning.

I am hungry, and I suspect that I will be hungrier later. I am therefore in the mall wondering what sort of snack I should get. I decide on a packet of cookies and an egg pie. Outside men are fixing the external arches so that they match the recent renovation inside. I am wondering whether the new lights are a subtle way to drive out drunks. They are disconcerting to the wholly sober, so I can’t imagine what it is like trying to navigate the space in a state of drunkeness.

At 16:15 I will meet Tom Lindh and he, Tomas and I will watch the final presentations and make critical comments. There are some very good end results and we will all be impressed. At 18:15 everyone will stop for a break, and I will say goodbye to Tom and have cookies and coffee. Afterwards the group will watch We Live In Public and there will be stunned silence at the end. I have yet to get a discussion going after this film.

I will race home and be back by about 21:30.