Saturday, February 20

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Kellumo, 13:00


I had booked a flotation session at Kellumo and Naa decided that she would have a neurosonic chair session at the same time, so we left home after brunch. Here we are, a few minutes early.

I am showing Naa the tank, which is not the one I used last time. She thinks it is cool and might like to try it herself at some point. I spend an hour floating, only this time I do not try to empty my mind and meditate. I think about php and my plans for the next few months and allow these to drift around. By the time the hour is over I have decided to start a new hobby. I have decided to programe a musical environment for Google Cardboard, using Unity 3D. This will, in turn, involve learning C#.

These came about through a series of leaps and bounds when I started thinking about playing with php yesterday, and about the new ViewMaster that I read about this week.

Afterwards I will wander down to Academic Bookshop where I will purchase a copy of The Ladybird Book of the Hipster.

Later still we will drive to Stockmann and Prisma before having a Saturday evening cooking and eating.