Monday, February 22

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A306, Arcada, 9:20


It snowed again in the night, but only enough to sprinkle frosting on the ground. Jutta and I arrived at exactly the same moment and began planning stuff that needed planning.

I am in the staffroom and Jutta has gone to fill the kettle. I am noticing that Maria has added a row of characters to the top of her dividing panel to rival my Barbie, Chuckie and Hulk Hogan. She has seven characters beginning with Snow White and ending with Tweety. I am not completely certain which duck this is supposed to be. Is it Daisy? If it is then she is Inez Ankka in Finnish.

Nathalie will tell us that the parallel course in English will not go ahead, as we all suspected, although constructing it last week proved an interesting exercise. We might now carry some of the ideas it generated into the planning for the existing course.

At 13:00 I will have a Skype meeting with Deirdre from ITT to discuss how we can work together on developing an Open Knowledge online library. This will take a sharp turn to the interesting when Deirdre invites me to join the advisory board for their planned MA, and asks if the online courses we are developing could be included in it as introductory modules.

I will then race to a team meeting where it will be decided that Jutta and I will write a completely new pre-examination assignment for this year’s online media applicants. At 15:30, when the meeting is over, we will plan when to do this and decide to do it instead. I will leave ten minutes later than planned with a new asignment written.

Naa will be working late this evening and we will draw mindmaps while waiting for her.