Tuesday, February 23

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Alppikatu, 8:30


I have just walked past Linnanmäki and I am on my way to Diacor where I will see a doctor to get a checkup for my driving licence. The sky is coloured and the air is cold and dry. I will past my test, and she will throw in some extra ones just for fun. My eyesight is very good, my blood pressure is slightly high, my BMI is perfactly acceptable and apparently, if I lose 5 kilos, I will be at peak fitness and likely to remain there for eternity.

Boosted by this I will walk back to Sörnäinen and then run across the road to catch a bus. I will jog to Arcada, say hello to everyone, and begin work on another (and hopefully final) draft of my pedagogical portfolio. I will work on this all day, with interruptions and asides, and finish it about 15:30. After this I will go through the MA course for this week, to check what I need to do tomorrow.

I will decide that it is under control but there is room for improvement and time tomorrow to do it.

I will go home, walk back to Alepa to buy milk and then meet Naa on the second journey home. She will be returning from a trip to Kamppi. We will fold sheets and I will iron them, and then I will have a shower.

Last night I woke at about 2:15 and stayed awake for most of the rest of the night dozing every now and then. Tonight I will be asleep within seconds of putting my head on the pillow and sleep solidaly until 7:20.