Sunday, February 28

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Takkahuone, 19:00


This morning we got up late and I went for a walk. The weather was very bright and the air was very cold. It felt like Spring.

After brunch we went to Pakila and then to Töölö to collect Naa from work. I went for a second walk because the exercises I restarted yesterday have made the backs of my legs ache, and I didn’t want them seizing up. I walked through the woods and left and then back down Riskutie, and I walked reasonably slowly.

Irma made a delicious casserole and now I am sitting in front of the fire reading. The logs we got in the autumn make almost no explosions and throw nothing on the floor. I am reading Fabulous Harbours, the second in Michael Moorcock’s War Amongst The Angels trilogy. I have read the first book, Blood, several times, and this is the second time I have read this one. I have yet to read the final volume, and I decide that I will order it from the library tomorrow.

Later I will have a shower and go to bed.