Tuesday, March 1

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Naa's new apartment, 19:00


I started the day by dealing with the fact that only one person had joined my group for the MEVI conference which will be held at Arcada in May. There were many ways I could have dealt with it, but I realised that it would cost me more than 100€ to attend the conference and join the dinner. I therefore withdrew, saving myself from having to write the paper, and suggested to the other member that she join another group.

I spent the morning with the Structuring Information group and we began to explore the wonders of the epub “standard”. I gave a lecture for the first half of the morning and then set them loose on a problem that nobody could solve. I explained that I had deliberately thrown them into the deep end so that they could learn by doing, or failing to do; and that they could therefore learn for themselves where the tricky parts of the process were.

After lunch I held a session for the Game Theory course, which was mostly online. The group were set research tasks and a Lynda course to watch, and off they went.

I have almost been home. By chance I got the 95 from Itäkeskus, and as I walked up the hill our car screeched to a halt and I jumped in. Now we are all at Naa’s new apartment, where we have unloaded a carful of stuff. We are wondering where to put the stuff. Some is going into kitchen cupboards and some is going into the bedroom. I am looking at the dining table which, for the moment, is still living in the living room.

The apartment looks very nice indeed as dusk falls, and very spacious without most of the previous owners’ belongings.

Later we will go home and I will have a shower.