Friday, March 4

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Staffroom, Arcada, 15:00


Today was a day of small tasks done rapidly but well.

I began by attending a group interview in which Nathalie, Mirko, Jancke and I talked about the development of online lecturing at Arcada. I brought up my grant application and it was approved by all present.

After this I sent a series of emails about various aspects of the Culture & Democracy celebrations in June, and plotted a one-year course to take us to world domination or a book launch, whichever proves most acceptable.

I then got swept up into a frenzy of activity for the suddenly-agreed project involving ITT in Dublin, the E-Learn conference in Limerick, and me. I wrote a draft letter of intent, had it approved, and forwarded it to Deirdre. I got answers from Christa about Erasmus funding, and an agreement from Nathalie that we will finalise the details on Monday.

I went for a lunch meeting with Jancke and had a second meeting with Riita and Heidi. I plotted a future for Negrava and mapped out a new book, both of which are projects for the summer. I then had a thesis tutorial.

Now I am at the monthly rector’s coffee where I am bringing Fred up to date on all this. I have a slice of apple cake with meringue on top and in a moment or two I will have a second. When I have had enough I will go downstairs for a tutorial with a student whose website has unusual and interesting jQuery problems. I will take a copy and agree to go through it on Monday.

I will ask her if she wants cake and go and get her one of the many remaining slices which will otherwise be left to go stale.

I will leave Arcada at 16:25.