Saturday, March 5

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | |

Rohdinkuja, 13:20


I am standing outside waiting to get in the car. There has been more snow, although only a thin powder. I am looking at a mildly interesting conjunction of footprint and tyre track. It won’t last long. As soon as the car is driven out of the house it will be wholly or partially obliterated.

We will drive to Prisma to buy paint and then to Naa’s new apartment where I will lay out a tarpaulin, place some Lundia shelves on it and starting painting things white.

Later in the evening we will settle down to watch DCI Banks, only to discover that it has been replaced by Young Morse, or Endeavour to give it its English title.

Naa is not feeling well so she will join us on the sofa for this change of programme. It will provide to be a period drama, unsurprisingly, with all the rented vintage cars and vans that implies.