Monday, March 7

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Itäväylä, 8:05


I woke up ten minutes late and missed my usual bus by no metres. I was there just as it raced past but the driver decided there was not time to stop. It is snowing in continual flakes. The snow has frosted the side of the bus shelter. I am standing there wondering if the next bus will be on time. It won’t be.

At Arcada I will have a lengthy phone call with Deirdre from ITT, and she will agree to mail me a copy of a letter of intent that we have drafted. This officially asks me to be the advisor to their online MA, and proposes that we collaborate on developing joint courses and a joint pedagogy. I will also get a notification that my paper for the Limerick conference has been accepted.

I will report all this to Nathalie and the result will be a busy trip to Ireland at the end of April.

At lunch Nathalie will announce that she has booked a table at Prakticum and most people have cancelled. Jutta, Tomas and I will have an unexpected goulash soup and cod fillet.

I will deal with two theses. One is finished and very good. One is refusing to go anywhere.

I will be the only person not working late. I will go home early to deal with Sunshine, and then go to Naa’s to put up the now-white Lundia bookcase.

Naa will spend her first night in her new apartment.