Wednesday, March 9

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ul. Mariacka, 11:30


I got up at 5:50 and dressed, and then we drove to the airport. Our plane was at 8:25 and the flight was two hours. The plane was a small one with two propellors. Thanks to time differences we arrived in Gdansk at 9:25.

We got a taxi from the airport to Apart Neptun where we had breakfast while they got our room ready hours early. Breakfast included raw meat in the form of tartar.

The hotel is right in the middle of the old town and, having inspected our room which is very nice, we are out walking in a freezing wind. We have walked past endless displays of amber and silver and are standing at the bottom of ul. Mariacka looking through an arch at the river. We will turn right into a large square and walk up Chlebnicka looking at the shops. We will spend some time in a small toy museum and more time in a large architectural museum.

Soon we will find ourselves sheltering from the wind in a bar called Napoli, that is pretending to be a pizzeria, and then in a restaurant where we will be reminded of the impressive size of Polish meals.

We will end up in a wobbly wine bar called Literacka which seems up be made up of endless cubbyholes off wobbling flights of stairs. Since it is a wine bar we will drink beer.