Saturday, March 12

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | | |

ul. Swiętego Ducha, 13:20


We decided yesterday that we would walk back to the market this morning and stock up on meats, cheeses and vegetables. We have done all of this and are now heading back to the hotel.

We are looking at some drain pipes we saw yesterday. Some of them look like this and some look like crocodiles. In both cases the water pours out of the mouth.

We will go to the hotel, pack our comestibles, and decide what to do about getting to the airport. The woman at the hotel desk will offer to get us a taxi for 70 zlotys. We will suspect that we can get one cheaper by walking over the bridge to the taxi rank we saw yesterday. How wrong we will be.

The taxi driver will demand 122 zlotys when we arrive. Irma will argue. He will call the police. We will offer him 30 euros, because we don’t have 122 zlotys, unless he is prepared to accept payment in meat and cheeses.

Eventually he will take it and we will go to check in. We will discover that there are only seven people booked on the flight.

One of them will miss it. We will have rows to ourselves.