Sunday, March 13

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | | |

Woods, Vartiokylä, 11:40


I went to sleep last night as soon as my head the pillow, and woke anout 11:15. The light was startlingly different from Gdansk, and I got up, washed, and went for a short walk.

The snow is like toy snow. Half of it has disappeared and the rest has clear and sharp edges. I am standing in the woods looking at the light through the trees. The sky is a brilliant blue.

After brunch we will drive to Töölö to collect Naa from her work and then drive to see her granddad in his new apartment. While we are there the sun will go in and the temperature will drop rapidly. We arrived in the heat and will leave wrapped up tightly.

Naa will come home to eat with us and we will pull the sheets, and I will do the ironing. Naa will stay to sleep and I will have a shower and be in bed by 22:00.