Monday, March 14

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Tallinninaukio, 16:20


I spent the early part of the morning catching up with emails and tasks. At 10:00 I started a marathon tutorial with Daniel who has a million ideas, 800,000 of them good, and who is busy forging partnerships with YLE and various companies with a view to starting a company and developing an augmented reality app. He has assembled a team from outside Arcada to work on this, and I await the results with interest. With most people I would be sceptical but Daniel exudes such confidence that I would not be at all surprised if I am working in his mailroom in three years time, hoping to work my way up.

Liisa didn’t turn up for her meeting so I planned our activities myself and then explained them at the Kulture Möte in the afternoon. Some people were excited and some people weren’t. So it goes.

Now I am walking towards the library in Itäkeskus where I am due to meet Irma and someone she has met through her work. It is obviously Spring and the first market stall is out selling fruit. People are suddenly shedding their winter clothing in favour of lee but brighter clothing.

In the end there will be only the two of us, and we will drive home to fill the car with most of the rest of Naa’s stuff. We will then drive to meet Naa from work and all go to her flat for some unloading and arranging.