Monday, March 21

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Naa's old room, 7:50


The temperature has dropped again and it is snowing quite heavily as I wait at the bus stop. The fencing behind the stop catches my eye. If I remember correctly vines are supposed to creep up it every Spring and Summer to make the metal fence less metallic. The fence is to keep the noise of the main highway from the ears of the people living in the next road.

I will spend the morning working in a blind panic on preparations for the course that begins tomorrow. It is a new course and none of the material I have to hand will serve any purpose. I read and compile, and then go for a long walk and think. I will get back so cold that I stop thinking immediately I enter the building.

At 13:15 we will have a team meeting and after that I will prepare a presentation for Liisa’s students tomorrow. Thinking about this will serve to clear my mind about what I should have been doing this morning.

I will go home early to see Sunshine.