Tuesday, March 22

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NorthPole, 13:30


I woke in the night with a clear plan of how I will run the new Introduction to Interactive Storytelling course. Later I woke up again to find myself talking to the students. I briefly noted down some of the structure of what I was saying and then went back to sleep again.

The bus was early, the metro was waiting for me, and I got another bus just as I got out of the metro. I was at Arcada in plenty of time to remake my slides and add a new Road Map slide show that will explain everything that is going to happen.

The course started at 10:15 and by the time everyone left at 12:45 it was well and truly underway. I had given them a tight and compact morning of theory and methods, and everyone seemed happy.

At 13:00 I met Liisa’s students and explained exactly how The Future North will work. They took notes and I left Liisa to draw up detailed plans with them.

Now I am downstairs looking at all the old photocopiers which have been parked in the doorway waiting to be collected. We now have a new copier in the room that nobody can use.

In a few minutes I will go back and begin work on a final draft of my paper for the conference in Limerick. It has to be in by next Monday. Since the Easter holiday runs from Friday to Monday this means, in effect, that it has to be in by the time I go home on Thursday.

It will be.