Wednesday, March 23

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Itäväylä, 16:00


This morning I sat and watched Daniel and Honken give lengthy demonstrations to the Interactive Storytelling course. Dnaiel has made two pieces: the first was in my class three years ago, and the second was for YLE last year. Honken made one in the same class as Daniel and has now finished a very complex piece as his thesis production. I was as interested as everyone else, if not more so.

At 13:15 Joni did his thesis presentation in front of a larger audience than either he or I expected. It went well and Calle (who was the opponent) was satisfied.

After this I answered some emails and then left. I want to carry on with my paper and I either need to do it here or go home and do it there. Irma is working late so I opt for the latter strategy.

It seems like summer when I get off the bus at 16:00. The sky is bright blue and I feel overdressed in my silk scarf. The roads are not yet busy and I stroll along happily.

Sunshine will be pleased to see me. He will run in and out every ten minutes for an hour or so as I sit and convert a previous draft of my paper into a new and altogether better structure.

By 20:00 I will have a structure that works, and will happily draw it to a close for today.