Thursday, March 24

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Itis car park, 19:00


In the morning I concluded the first block of the Introduction to Intearactive Storytelling course. After this Nathalie called Johan, who appeared with the Arcada credit card and paid for my registration to the conference in Limerick next month.

I spent the afternoon finalising my paper for said conference. Somewhat to my delight I realised that all the material I had assembled was more than needed, and that my job involved cutting it down rather than stretching it out. I dutifully did this and at 16:00, to my great delight, I uploaded it and went home for Easter.

We have been to Prisma and now we are at Itis. We have been looking at various odds and ends and I am holding a Google Cardboard headset that I have just purchased from Clas Ohlson for 4.99€.

I am looking at the floor while Irma is on the phone. The floor resembles a series of abstract paintings, comprised of concrete and motor oils of various vintage. I find myself taking a number of photographs and thinking that I might come back here later and take a whole lot more. I suspect that the floor is seasonal. What I am looking at is the result of the end of winter.

We will spend the evening sitting and wondering what we are going to do for the next four days.