Tuesday, March 29 2016

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Garden, 16:30


This morning I began a unique first. Due to a scheduling impossibility, I taught two separate classes at once, in two separate rooms. In practice it was a lot easier than it sounds. The Structuring Information group were doing their final project and theoretically needed little to no assistance. I popped in and out and answered questions and gave advice. The Game Design group were collectively editing their individual scripts and had a morning’s worth of things to do without much supervision. I popped in and out to make sure they were moving forward.

I spent the afternoon reading and writing for and around the grant application that I am supposed to deliver next Monday. I got a message from Eija saying that she was planning to spend the weekend writing her application.

Irma and Naa drove to Pellinki after lunch so I left early for home to release Sunshine from captivity. As I opened the door to let him out I saw the birds building their nest. Every year they come back to this bird house on the shed wall and every year we hear them at the start of Spring. I can hear them now.

I will do cleaning for an hour or so. The amount of stones that we bring in from the roads at this time of year is staggering. After that I will do the ironing until the other two arrive. I will finish the evening by carrying a set of drawers into Naa’s apartment, which now has lights.