Sunday, April 3

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The garden, 13:00


We got up late. When we looked out of the window all we could see was gray. I decided to go for a walk anyway and it began to rain while I was out. By the time I got home it had stopped again, so I went round to the back to photograph the snowdrops.

I walked briefly through the woods looking for other flowers but there were none at all. The snowdrops in our garden are the only flowers that have appeared so far in the entire neighbourhood. I am trying to photograph them but the grey light is such that they only appear in the photographs as white blotches. I notice the washing line instead and realise that, seen close up, it looks quite interesting with the raindrops still clinging to it.

In the afternoon we will collect Naa and drive to see her grandfather. Then we will go to the centre for a walk that will take us to the final day in the Sokos sale. On the way home we will sort out Naa’s internet connection at Elisa before eating the rest of the fish curry.

I will finish the evening with a shower and an early night.