Saturday, April 7

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Garden, 15:15

Naa has gone to an extra tennis lesson. When she gets back she will be exhausted. She was the only one who turned up and her coach had her run for thirty minutes and then play hard tennis for an hour.

Irma has gone shopping for the afternoon, and Auo and I are in the garden clearing the snow. I am taking all the snow from in front of the house and scattering it along the road. Auo is riding over it on her bike to break the big bits up, so that it melts faster.

I got Auo’s bike out of the shed about a week ago, and she has been riding it daily ever since. Even yesterday, in the sleet, she was practising her no-hands moves outside.

We notice that some of the piles of snow have attained a peculiar map-of-the-world appearance, because parts of them are smooth and shiny, and parts have melted into dull crystals.