Monday, April 4

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Arcada, 19:30


I started my second cycling week, got to Arcada, and started working furiously on the grant application. I had realised over the weekend that the whole approach to the application was wrong, and I started again.

At 10:00 I sat in a two hour meeting in which we discussed our theme for next year: One Hundred Minutes, One Hundred Years. This will be in celebration of Finland’s one hundredth anniversary. Jutta and my challenge will be to fit online media into the centre of this.

At 13:15 I sat in on a two hour team meeting, in which Pluti unveiled a media history course that conveniently overlooked the fact that I have been teaching a media history course for three years.

At 16:00 I began a final burst of writing for the grant application and at 19:15 I uploaded it. The project is called LETTER and it now feels like it ought to be funded. I am walking up and down the corridor for five minutes to calm down and stretch my body. These chairs seem to have some geometric interest in the way that they have been stacked by the lift.

Soon I will tidy up and go home where Irma is having a trans-atlantic Skype call.