Wednesday, April 6

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Stockmann, 18:00


I spent the morning with the Interactive Storytelling group who are working very energetically on their recording and editing. At lunchtime I met with Nathalie and Liisa to agree a budget for The Future North.

In the afternoon I had a meeting about a work practice, I read and commented on a draft thesis, and I had a long meeting with Jake in which we advanced our plans for the Sheffield event in June. Finally I had a tutorial with a student beginning her MA thesis.

Having cycling home and leapt into the car, I am now at Stockmann for the first day of Crazy Days. It is an unusually muted start and the shop is far from crowded. We are wandering around aimlessly. The traditional yellow balloons are present, but not in the usual quantity, but the wandering ghost is missing, and there are no loud comentators wandering around the store engaged in broadcast banter. I am going to buy a pair of shoes, and we will, of course, buy a lot of stuff from the deli, once Naa has joined us.