Thursday, April 7

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Arcada, 12:50


I have spent the morning watching students recorded their script for the Interactive Storytelling course thay are making as their Interactive Storytelling course.

I am leaving the building to catch a tram to Arabia. My eye is caught by a socket halfway up a wall, where no socket should be. I cannot remember ever ssing it used. Perhaps it is a subtle architectural feature to prevent the wall from appearing blank. I am on a stairwell, so there are not a lot of other reasons that I can think of for it to be there.

I am meeting Samir for lunch at Dylan to discuss our DataLab project. I will finally give him the tiffin box that I brought back from Kerala in January. We will decide that exploring Pixelache’s technological requirements by way of a media art project is indeed a a good idea and come up with a set of suggestions for how to proceed. I will spend the afternoon writing up our ideas and publishing them on the Pixelache Slack.

We will begin with a meeting on April 21 to devise a road-map.