Monday, April 25

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Tallaght, 9:50


This morning I ordered a taxi for 5:25; left the house at 5:15 to find it there; got to the airport to find security empty; got through security and repacked my bag by 5:36; and then sat down to read.

The flight was half-empty and I was the only person occupying Row 4. I read for three hours until the plane arrived at Dublin airport twenty minutes early. I found the Airport Hopper, paid my 9€, and was The Square in Tallaght about thirty minutes later. I had arranged to meet Deirdre at 10:30 and so I went into the mall to see if I could find any of the candles Irma had asked for. My memory was correct: there was indeed a big branch of Dunnes in the mall, and so now I have eight candles in my case.

I am walking down the long tree-lined avenue to the front of ITT, and the sun is shining. I will bump into David as I walk in, and he will not be in the least surprised. It turns out that he has just met Deirdre in the carpark, and so knew I was arriving. In two minutes I will find Mary and then finally Deirdre.

By coincidence I also find Tara, the international officer.

I will have lunch with Deirdre, Mary, Sinead and the new head of department, Angela. We will talk for a long time about the possibilities inherent in the MA they want to launch in the the learning through teaching idea that I am going to talk about in Limerick.

In the evening I will stop for a drink in the centre and then decide to eat at Fish Shack, which someone told me is new and excellent. They forgot to mention that it is not cheap. The food is indeed excellent, and since I am early I will get a lot of attention. The chef will pop up to ask me how I like the soup. Fortunately I can tell him I love it with sincerity written all over my face.

I will then take a taxi to Rathmines where my Travelodge awaits me. I will be given a gigantic family room with an enormous bath. I will wander to Lidl for some ssparkling water and then climb into bed.

Its an early night for the inhabitants of Dublin and a late night for my head.