Tuesday, April 26

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Tallaght, 16:00


This morning I walked from Rathmines to the centre, which took just less than an hour and led me through Temple Bar and over the Liffey to where I caught the LUAS.

Now I have had another set of meetings and a meeting with Rasmus, a student from Arcada who is here for six months. He is having a good time and liking it. I had been planning to meet Fatma, one of the cultural producing students, as well, but she will email me later to say she completely forgot to turn up.

It was overcast this morning but now it has cleared up. I am walking past a parked LUAS train up to the stop where I will take it into the centre. This is slightly stupid because I could take a bus directly from Tallaght to Rathmines, but I am feeling like an exploratory walk, since I left my laptop at the hotel today and I am thus unencumbered.

This morning I noticed Jo Burgers almost opposite the hotel, and I googled them while I was at ITT. I discovered that they allegedly serve the best burgers in Dublin. Tonight I will put them to the test. They are not cheap because they are hand-crafted by artisans in beards, but they are very good.