Wednesday, April 27

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Outside ITT, 15:00


This morning I packed my bags and left by bus for Tallaght. Two buses, actually.

I spent the latter part of the morning talking with Deirdre while waiting for the second year students to arrive and learn about the wonders of Arcada. The day was hot and none of them turned up. I had lunch with Deirdre, Jean and Sinead instead.

Now I am leaving the building and outside there is a miniature student festival. I remember seeing a lot of these in the summertime. There are a few stalls and an ice-cream van that is attracting a lot of attention. I just like the way it looks in the sunlight.

I will take the LUAS to Heuston and walk ten metres to the railway station where I will buy a return ticket to Limerick. The journey will be approximately two hours and I will take a taxi to my hotel. This is another Travelodge, but very different to the first. In Dublin the Travelodge was in an area of the city, outside the centre but still bustling. Here the Travelodge is in the middle of fields and the remnants of an old industrial estate. The only building I can see within walking distance is a large out-of-town Aldi, which is actually next door to the hotel.

I will buy a feast of snacks and spend the evening in my room. I have been given another huge family room with a big bath. This one also has a wall-to-wall window which I will leave without curtains, so I can go to sleep looking at the stars.