Monday, May 2

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A306, Arcada, 9:00


For the first time this year I left home without a jacket. I cycled to Puotila in the rising sun.

Now I am at Arcada where Jutta is standing smugly beside a large stack of fine products from The Coca Cola Company. They are presents for our second year students, who pitched ideas to them a few weeks ago. Apparently their pitching skills have become quite impressive.

I will spend the morning catching up, and the afternoon in a team meeting. At 14:45 I will learn that I have been promoted to principal lecturer – that’s överlärare to you matey – and I am now officially able to spend time researching. Providing I find the money to do it, of course. I will also learn that the money I applied for should be granted, or not granted, tomorrow.

Sunshine will be out when I get home, presumably celebrating the suddenly hot weather. I will do some ironing until Irma arrives home with a surprise.

Later Naa will arrive to say thank you for the limited edition Cadbury Creme Egg biscuits that I found for her at a gas station in Limerick.