Wednesday, April 12

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Riskutie, 8:10

It is a bright, blue morning and the three of us are watching the jouko arrive. Naa’s school times have changed yet again and so she is back with us on Thursdays for the next month.

I will spend the most of the day engaged in making sure that the current bundle of theses are completed in time for everyone to graduate in June. Jutta will arrive and we will work on this together.

I will also take time to explore SmartPad from Left Coast Logic, which seems as though it might be a substitute for Pocket Informant. I bought it months ago in a weekend 90% off sale, but never really got to grips with it. Frustratingly the idea behind it is very powerful and – indeed – smart, but the implementation is just not quite right. The selling point is the fact that it takes your task list and fits tasks into the gaps in your daily schedule. The problem is that it is not nearly intelligent enough in how it does this for me to want to replace my current system.

Finally I will remember that I am supposed to buy milk on the way home, add it to Pocket Informant, and then actually buy some.